Supporting International Women’s Day

Our founded and Chair of the Board, Angie Clarke recently attended an event at the Bath and West Showground.

The day focused on equality and unity.Looking at the challenges that women face in business, how this has changed and Angie spoke about her life, some of the challenges she has faced and how she has overcome everything to have her own successful business and consultancy company. The reality being that by being determined and taking responsibility for self, literally anything is possible.

Angie is also the author of “S**t Creek to Somewhere Else – well worth a read! Click here to order your copy.

We can now share this amazing news…

HPC Community Fund is managed by Somerset Community Foundation to help local communities mitigate the impacts of Hinkley Point C and maximise the opportunities that arise from the development for the communities (in Somerset) through schemes, measures and projects which promote the economic, social or environmental well-being of those communities and enhance their quality of life.

Well we wrote a grant application for this fund, to support those who access our service do just as it says above and we were successful!

This is a 3 year deal that will provide and target support to those in need and help to mitigate the impacts of the HPC development.

Huge thanks to the team at HPC and Somerset Community Foundation as well as the team here who wrote the bid.